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My name is Heather 'Byrd', and I am an award-winning poet, author, writing coach, and creator of Byrd's World. We help ambitious women of color who are first-time non-fiction writers go from frustrated to the first draft and beyond so they can establish their authority, increase their visibility, and create a massive impact. 

Here we believe in community and are dedicated to your story and creative joy. We work together to inspire others through the power of storytelling. We are messengers. We believe in possibility. We are HummingByrds. We spread our wings.

We leap. We fly!

Available Courses

The Write Mind

Learn how to uncover, challenge, and be honest with where you are and where you want to go as a future writer. 

Future Author Starter Kit: From Idea to Outline in 3 Hours

Do you want to write a book but don't know where to begin? Let Me Show You How You Can Begin to Write Your First Book. Get access to the tools and easy-to-follow strategies to help you outline your book.

Learn To Fly: How To Rise In Your Creative Badassery In 6 Weeks

This 6-week course focuses on planting the seeds for new non-fiction writers' future. We will build healthy foundational writing practices, explore tools, and draft three chapters here. Here is where you will know what it feels like to be weightless so you can fly. 

Byrd's World Affiliate Program

Access all the resources to help you become an affiliate of Byrd's World.

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