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Learn To Soar: From Frustrated To First Draft in 60 Days (Wong)

Are you ready to write your story? Are you ready to unlock and preserve your story and create a rippling effect of positive change by using your voice? To move from procrastination to unearthing the story buried in your bones. This program will allow you to get out of your head, onto paper, and into creative action.

Over 60 days, you will receive:

✅ Positive support and implementation strategies
✅ A clear blueprint and creative direction
✅ Develop healthy habits to support and complete your vision
✅ Stay motivated and in action
✅ Leverage your time for the best results

MOST IMPORTANTLY: You will get your book done quicker, faster, sooner.

9 Modules

Module 1 - Pre Work

Module 1 will walk you through the steps before our first call.

Module 2 - Let's Dig A Little Deeper

We will uncover, challenge, and be honest with where we are and identify where you want to go. 

Module 3 - Let’s Commit

Here is where we will prep ourselves for our first session together. 

Module 5 - Visualization & Topic Brainstorm

As we continue to build our foundation, it's important for you to be able to visualize your end goal.

Module 6 - The Business of Being An Author

We aren't just here to write a book. We are here the write the right book for the perfect author avatar. This module is where we explore the more profound questions about who this book is for and why it belongs out in the world. 

Modules for this course 9

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