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Learn To Fly: How To Rise In Your Creative Badassery In 6 Weeks

Have you ever said, "I want to write your book? How have you ever said, "now is not the right time? I have so much going on. I'll start in 3 months," which turned into six months and now years."

How long have you been holding on to your story? What are you waiting for? What’s holding you back?

Maybe you are overwhelmed with the process of writing and have been procrastinating.

Maybe you are worried about what other people may think. NEWS FLASH: Our time on this earth is limited. How do you plan on leaving your legacy? *Cue in Beyoncé's "I Was Here" 😂

If you’re still guarding that long-dormant book, or itching to expel your genius in a blog, or if you’re ready to step onto the stage and finally give that long-awaited speech, or if you’re ready to give life to your badass story, NOW IS THE TIME to take flight. 

Over the six weeks, we will walk you through a flight plan so you can release your story to the world. The course is designed to plant the seed for your creative future. The course will allow you to actively move forward and be a more productive, supported, and flourishing writer.

What's included

The ability to:

  • Move out of procrastination and onto the page for the world to experience your story
  • Establish your authority and create more visibility
  • Receive the clarity and confidence to share your experiences with the world
  • Developing a positive mindset for the writing process
  • Staying motivated and continuing to be in action
  • Making meaningful connections in a supportive community
  • Leveraging your time for the best results

The course includes:

  • A Learn To Fly portal
  • FOUR 90-minute live sessions
  • A cohort of writers to build a community with
  • Tool and strategies to create a solid writing routine

This six-week breakthrough is for you if you…

  • want to write your story but don't know where to begin
  • have told yourself, FOR YEARS, you want to write a book, but you find yourself procrastinating
  • tired of holding back and suffering because you know you have a story to tell, but you have a boulder in your belly
  • want to take your story to the next level and inspire others
  • want to increase your visibility and creative a vibrational rippling effect of positive change through storytelling and your voice

The course is for you if you are…

  • you are interested in writing a non-fiction book
  • willing to get out of your head, onto paper, and into action
  • nervous but are eager to leap anyway and trust the process
  • ready to unlock and preserve your story
  • done making excuses and are ready to be seen and heard

The total value of this course is $3750, but I can't let a price tag hold you back from reaching your goals. If you sign up today, your investment will only be $1,497. Payment plans are available. 

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